Friday, April 6, 2012

Wheelin' and Dealin'

This picture has nothing to do with the story below, but I did take it today as I had to move the camper back to the front of the house since I am going to use my shed to paint in.  The shed and the front of the house are the only two places with outlets in cords reach.  Yes, there is a reason for parking there as opposed to somewhere else.  It may be redneck, but it is redneck with a purpose!  Yes, the house still looks very redneck from the outside, but we at least got some screens put on.  Also, part of what I need to paint/prime is the new skirting.  Once that is done, things will really start looking much better!

Today was rather uneventful.  I took the day off work to have the microwave and dish washer delivered.  I did not pay for installation because in the past I have gotten away with not getting the installation and the guys decided to install anyway.  Well...not today, but I was still able to redneck it up a bit.

First, a side story: As part of the junk left behind by the previous tenants, there were two small refrigerators in the office on the side of the shed.  Back a few weeks ago, when my mom and wife were cleaning up the shed and office, they decided to open up these fridges.  In the top one (they were stacked) there was nothing but a pickle jar with (I believe) one pickle left in the juice.  However, as soon as they opened this fridge, they both about passed out on the spot.  The smell coming from this fridge made a hazmat suite seam very attractive.  The bottom fridge had what appeared to be a wine cooler (or something...I forget exactly what it was) still nicely wrapped and capped.  This fridge didn't smell quite as bad (although a pile of cow poo would probably make it smell better) but it was so nasty they didn't even want to touch it with gloves on!  The inside was completely covered in mold and grime.

Anyway, now that the appliances were delivered, I gave the old microwave to the guys.  In the dealings, I started discussing what they do with them and learned that they actually get paid for the appliances they bring back to be recycled.  It isn't much, but it supplements their income.  So I told them: "Hey, I have two more fridges in the back if you want those as well, you are welcome to them".  Then, I asked them if the installation kit to the dishwasher was included in the box (knowing full well it wasn't). just so happened they had extras on the truck!  I just successfully negotiated the removal of two rank refrigerators for a free installation kit.  Now that's how they do it in BFE!  Maybe I will get the hang of this redneck thing after all :D

So I end up taking them back to the shed, and point them to the fridges.  I tell them: "If you want to open these, buy all means...but you must take them outside first!  I don't want them opened in here."  They looked at me funny, but then I told them about the pigs that lived here before...they understood.  They never did open those...but who cares, they got a bit of a tip!

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