Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sometimes you just don't get no S*!T done!

OK, maybe that title is a little bit of an exaggeration (as you probably know, that's just the way I rol'), but still...nothing much done on the house.  What we have gotten done is:

Sunday I show a guy my airplane.  That took most of the day but at least he is very interested in buying it.  We subsequently took him to dinner.  After that, I finish up with him while the family heads home.  I get home a few minutes later to my wife telling me about the trip home.  Apparently they pull into the driveway and start unloading.  At that point the youngest is screaming at the top of her lungs, the oldest starts projectile vomiting, and the middle starts telling the neighbor that she needs to go potty...really bad.  Of course the neighbor looks at my wife and says: "Uhhh, you are going to have another problem here...anything we can do to help?"  Luckily I drive in the driveway right after she gets it all taken care of....shew...narrowly avoided that disaster!  Gotta love mommies!

Monday: since we were up all night with a puking kid I decided to take the day off to get some stuff done (and sleep in)...well, at least I take the RV to get it emissions tested (as redneck as I am getting unlicensed cars are a problem for the county).  Of course it failed.  Unfortunately we had some appointments to get to so I put the RV in the driveway of our old house (nothing like trying to redneck up a suburban neighborhood while we are at it).  About this time I get a text (yes, a text, we are rednecks with a knack for technology) from my step-dad that he is down at the new house to get some work done: "Call me when you can, The camper was broken into.  House looks OK".  So I call him a half an hour later.  At that point he tells me that the Sheriff responded in about 10 minutes but nothing looks like it was taken.  Mainly just vandals.  Great, that's the THIRD time the Mr. Officer has been out there and we still haven't moved in!  Should we be getting concerned???  Apparently no.  Mr. Officer said this is very rare, and the guys that did it (and the same thing to a few cars down the road) are very lucky: "People around her shoot.  They are lucky they didn't get themselves killed".  Good...glad to hear it's somewhat rare and the neighbors tend to take care of the problems.  That doesn't negate the fact that the Sheriffs are getting to know our property as good as we are!

Tuesday: Stop by my parents house to help move a concrete fountain base so it can be acid washed.  I drive the camper (again, trying to redneck up another neighborhood...this stuff is infectious!) so we can go drop it off at the repair place (yes, I know, rednecks should fix crap you can see it's a busy week!) after our Dr. apts.  The parents are nice enough to watch the kids for us while we do all this.  We took care of that stuff then went to Benihana for dinner.  After that we went back to the parents house to get the kids and help move the newly acid washed concrete base.  I pick up the base with gloves on of course, but rest it against my arm in the process...hmmm...maybe THAT wasn't a good idea!  I go clean it up, but sure enough, a couple of small "spots" on my arm the next morning.  Luckily no pain or anything and the next day it clears itself right up.

Wednesday: after work we go get the oldest from school.  This is her first day back after being sick.  Then we take our minivan to the emissions place to get it tested while we are waiting on the fix-it place to finish up the RV (the state of AZ is getting a lot of our money this week!)  After that I take the camper back to my parents to help them move the now finished base one more time.  No more acid washing my arms :D.  At this time they need to go pick up my brother at the airport.  I hop in the camper and start driving to the new house to put the camper away, and I drive over a water trench in the road...not fast, and I didn't hit it very hard, but the next thing I know I hear a very loud bang and am dragging something.  I stop, get out, and the nearly full propane tank FELL OFF THE RV!  HOLY CRAP!  Good thing that didn't happen going 70mph down the road!  I have some tools, but my parent's aren't that far away and all of my "good tools" are back at the new house.  I call the parent's back to bring wrenches to take the tank off completely so I can drive.  Sorry just gonna have to wait at the airport!  Finally I get the tank off and have my step-dad help me carry it to the camper for transport.  His first words are "You should really wear shoes" (I like my crocks!), to which I reply "why?" of course.  At this point I am completely covered in road dirt, looking as blue collar as possible and we get the camper to the new house.  Now I gotta do some serious welding to fix the broken bracket.

Thursday morning: I wake up, put my pants on, and go to work.  About two hours into working I look down at my lap to brush some breakfast off my shirt and notice...I have on the nasty, laying in the road, blue-collar looking jeans that I wore last night! one can say that I'm not giving this redneck thing my best effort.

More to come...hopefully tonight we can actually get something done on the house!

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