Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm lookin' for Reno...

Now the story of the second Sheriff visit.  Mind you this happened only two weeks after the first visit.

This happened as I went out to the camper (the one that we immediately parked out front of the house), used the facilities, and was walking back inside.  Right in front of me and the house, a tiny white car comes speeding through our rutted, pot-holed drive and is stopped by a ditch created by the draining rain water.  This car hit this ditch with such force that I wondered if he broke anything.  Mind you this ditch was right behind a huge mesquite tree, so at the speed he was going, he likely couldn't see that ditch.  If this POS car had airbags I am sure he and his ~15 year old daughter (in the passengers seat) would have had a face full.

Anyway, after he hit, his window already rolled down, he starts yelling at me: "Hey...I'm lookin' for Reno".
Me: "Ummmm...is that a person?  You missed the city by about a couple of states".
Him: "Yea, he lives here"
Me: "Nope, sorry man, we just bought this house 2 weeks ago, and there is no Reno that lives here"
Him: "Yea...he lives here, I just want to talk to him!"
Me: "Sorry dude, he's not here and he probably shouldn't show up here"
Him: "Where is he?"

About this time the Sheriff's SUV comes strolling up the driveway.  Mr. Officer gets out, adjusts his gun belt, and looks at me standing about 5 feet from the intruding car and asks: "Do you know this guy?".  I said: "Nope".  Mr. Officer: "I didn't think so. [turning to the intruding car] Sir...do you know why I pulled you over?"  By this time I understood...he was just running!

I let Mr. Officer handle business out on my front yard.  I check on them about every 20 minutes.  The second time out there, I see a second officer, and another car.  Mr. Officer gives me a finger (no...not the middle one...the index finger) and I pause, and wait for him.  The second officer comes and meets me as I indicate the first officer "fingered me"....yes...he got a laugh too...and then he proceeded to tell me the story.  "Well...this guy has a suspended license.  The other car is the girls mom.  She came to pick her up.  We will be towing his car away in a few minutes.  We won't be much longer"  "OK, thank you officer, take as much time as you need".

About the time they start putting the guy in handcuffs, I take this as a learning opportunity for my girls.  I take them out on the front deck, and give them front row seats to an actual police arrest.  "Now girls...this is what happens when you don't follow the rules.  Do you understand now why you have to do what you are told"?  OK...maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but I would rather do it now and hopefully not have to do it later.

After two or three minutes, a tow truck shows up, and they watch the guy load the car onto the truck. The officer tucks the guy into his SUV and then turns to us and apologizes for having this all happen in our front yard.  And then my redneck moment came out: "No problem at all officer.  I am actually glad you were here.  If you weren't...I can guarantee you that I would not have been so nice!".  Great...now I am threatening a guy not just in front of a cop, but TO the cop!  Luckily, Mr. Officer just shakes his head, chuckles a little, and then gets into his car and drives away.

The real kicker of this whole story...two days later we get a letter addressed to Reno...I guess he wasn't just trying to get away from the cops!  Oh well...we had a good laugh about it and moved on.  BTW, that's another good story.  Reno XXXXXX makes the fifth last name we have found addressed to this house...how many redneck families can you cram into a double-wide mobile home???  As many as will fit!

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