Monday, July 29, 2013

Could This be my New Religion?

Ok, so mustachianism doesn't actually exist. That doesn't mean it isn't extremely important!

Lately I have been following the Mr. Money Moustache blogs. This guy could be a clone of me in a different life. He is a Software Engineer that retired early (yes...I'm still working on that one...but getting closer). He believes that the way to financial independance is though frugality. He likes to blog. He found the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" to be life changing. And finally he writes in: "a scratchy and compact font done entirely in capitals" that are presumably difficult to read (since he is an engineer after all). Ahhh yes...a man after my own heart.

And so we don't get to wrapped up in a bromance with a guy I have never met: Let's just say that I have given him a lot of my attention and his "prechings" are after my own heart. I hope that by including a link in my blog more people learn from his wise teachings.

Thank you Mr. Money Mustache, and keep up the good work!

Visit his pages here:


  1. Perhaps you need to rename your blog "Going Mustache"? ~Mrs. Tekno

  2. Oh "Going Frugal"? so it's not "racist" ~Mrs. Smurf

    Wait, am I Mrs. Tekno, Mrs. Smurf or Mrs. Teknosmurf? Mrs. Frugal? Help!