Saturday, August 3, 2013

Republic Wireless - My little plug for $19 unlimitted everything wireless

Republic Wireless

OK, this may not sound very redneck of me, but let me explain.  I do believe part of being redneck is not buying something you don't need or re-purposing things you have.  My $15/month pre-paid cell phone plan was doing just fine.  I rarely talked to anyone other than my wife, so my balance was sky rocketing, and I always had the piece of mind of having that phone.  So why would I buy the phone and up my payment?  Well...easy.  I fully believe this little baby may help me score more business, that's why!

You see, it is a full up, semi-rugged Google smart phone.  After doing the research, I am more that able to accept credit cards for my businesses on this sucker.  AND I get the benefit of Google maps with GPS (gotta figure out how to get to the customers sites).  Not to mention calling them if I need directions, and email/text for those folks that would rather communicate this new-fangled way.

And the best part about this is is that it is only a reoccurring fee of $19/month for unlimited voice/text /data!

So if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or contact me in other ways and I would be happy to answer them.  Otherwise, help us all out and get yourself a $19 credit by ordering it through my referral link:

Link to Republic Wireless Referral page.

How are they able to offer this stuff at this cheap rate?  It's pretty easy actually.  The phone they give you is designed to take advantage of existing wireless internet connections whenever possible so it doesn't have to eat up the cellular bandwidth.  This has many benefits faster speeds, clearer calls, and a LOT better coverage in the areas you need it most.  The down side is that it doesn't seamlessly switch from cell to WiFi (or back), and you must make sure you manually add all of your known WiFi access points to your phone list (for obvious security reasons).  But since I am by an access point for probably 75% of the time (like most people are) this is almost perfect!  And so far...I am really enjoying my new toy with some bada$$ data rates!

Again...if you do decide to order, please help out this blog and gain a $19 credit for yourself by going through this site:
Link to Republic Wireless Referral page.

Enjoy your new redneck telephone!

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